All That Glitters. Performance from Haptic Habitat, 2021.


Centarium wins the Best Artists’ Film Award at Aesthetica short film festival in York, UK. 

Presentation at The Jan van Eyck Academie together with Anaïs Hazo and Lisa Sudhibhasilp.

Participating in the 2021/2022 residency at The Jan van Eyck Academie

Adult Wasteland screening in AURA, video from the North at VisualContainerTV

Participating in The National Museum’s opening exhibition in 2022 

Interview in Norwegian about Frie Minutter / Adult Wasteland

stille dag screening in BEKs online archive. 

Participating in the online project #makingsensetogether 

Works in distribution at Filmform

Interview with ASK ADDOLEY + ANNA 

By Addoley Dzegede and Anna Ihle