Performances, interventions and films.
Mo I Rana, Norway and coming places. 2018 - Ongoing

This umbrella project deals with the Norwegian shopping center as a cultural, social, and political construct. Norway today has the largest amount of shopping center space per inhabitant in Europe. Namely 926 square meter per 1000th inhabitant, and in other words, almost 1 square meter per inhabitant. Centarium is made mainly during normal opening hours, with the centers and their streamlined spaces as the stage and scenography. Performers, employees and visitors use various tasks and scripts to trigger new content and intent in these spaces, and this in turn creates the raw material for the resulting film work. The work aims to study the complexities of these semi-public spaces, and more specifically the displacement and attraction that exists between our bodies, the objects, and the architecture that constitute the Norwegian shopping centers.

First edition of the project has been produced primarily in the centers COOP OBS and AMFI MO I Rana. The project is commissioned by North Norwegian Art Centre (NNKS).

The project is kindly supported by
Arts Council Norway,
Norske billedkunstneres vederlagsfond,
Norsk Fotografisk Fond,
Fritt Ord,
Regionale Prosjektmidler,
Nordnorsk filmsenter v. Ingrid Dokka
Nordnorsk kunstnersenter