Frie Minutter / Adult Wasteland

Music video. 07 minutes.
4K ProRes file.

Adult Wasteland is a portrait of, and a homage to playtime. It is filmed at Valnesfjord elementary school in Valnesfjord, Fauske municipality. All of the school's classes were invited to participate in the film

The film is the official music video for the song "Adult Wasteland" by Cold Mailman.

Stills from the film. The film is shot with time-lapse photography.

From the premiere screening at the outdoor cinema at Valnesfjord Skole.

Interview in Norwegian about the project. 

Cinematography by Zoë Schmederer.
Music by Cold Mailman.
Curated by Trygve Luktvasslimo.
Concept and direction by Aleksander J. Andreassen.
The film is commissioned by the public art project Noerart at Valnesfjord elementary school.