Haptic Habitat

Performances installation and films.
Solo exhibition at Møre og Romsdal Kunstsenter in Molde, Norway.

In the solo exhibition Haptic Habitat, Aleksander Johan Andreassen shows new and older works that explore points of convergence between the body and urban space. The exhibition consists of the films Alle Tankers Slekt (All Thoughts Are Kin), Strim, and Centarium, along with a new installation. In addition, Andreassen presents a number of performances and interventions developed with local creatives.

Made for specific locations in and around Molde, these are documented on video and shown in the Art Centre’s video room. The participants are the actors Sara Fellman and Kjersti Botn Sandal, the skater Kristina Westad, the visual artists Anne Brit Krag and Sivert Bjørnerem, and the dancer Alma Bø.

The performance All That Glitters was performed at selected public spaces in central Molde during the week Molde Pride should have been held. Molde Pride was canceled because of the Covid pandemic.

All That Glitters is performed by Alma Bø, Elena Svendsen and Natalie Huse. Concept by Aleksander J. Andreassen and Alma Bø.

The performance Kommentarfeltpoesi (Comments Section Poetry) was performed two times at selected public spaces in central Molde. Video excerpt above.

Kommentarfeltpoesi (Comments Section Poetry) is performed by Sara Fellman and Kjersti Botn Sandal. Concept by Aleksander J. Andreassen.

The performance Maskefjes Brettebok by artist Anne Brit Krag was held in the children's department of Molde public library. It was performed by Alma Bø, Ingunn Eidsæter, Anne Brit Krag and voluntary children. 

Molde DIY held a skate park building workshop with professional skater Kristina Westad.

Documentation from the solo exhibition at Møre og Romsdal Kunstsenter.

Photographs by Alma Bø, Omar Sejnæs and Aleksander J. Andreassen.

Performers, helpers and assistants:
Alma Bø, Elena Svendsen, Natalie Huse, Ingunn Eidsæter, Anne Brit Krag, Sivert Bjørnerem, Sara Fellman, Kjersti Botn Sandal, Sebastian Jakobsen, Kristina Westad

Concept and installations: Aleksander J. Andreassen

The project is kindly supported by: Arts Council Norway and KORO - Public Art Norway