The Apology

Exhibition at Studio 17 in Stavanger, Norway.
Video installation with sound. 14 minutes. 

The Apology is an installation that combines abstract film with text and sound. The exhibition is based on, and shares its title with Ralph Waldo Emerson’s 1847 poem The Apology. The poem at first appears to be an apology for a certain lifestyle. A thorough read, however, reveals that it could be interpreted as a defense of this lifestyle. This friction between interpretations resonates through the installation.
Emerson’s poem constitutes the framework for the audiovisual composition, which consists of abstract digital animations based on nature photography. The accompanying soundtrack mainly consists of manipulated field recordings from the wilderness. It was shown at Studio 17 in Stavanger, Norway during December 2016

Installation views.

The last two photographs by Jessica Morris.
Video with soundtrack, two projectors, stereo system and tulle netting.