Film. 19 minutes. 
2K ProRes file and DCP.

In the film Strim we join Sigrid in search of her missing cat Liv. During the search her inner monologue becomes external through movements and actions. She collides with the community surrounding her and progresses through these meetings. Will she ever find her cat?
The film explores stream of consciousness as a cinematic method, and normality as an expanding concept. The script is developed in dialogue with public spaces by using various exercises that centers on actions, movement and language. 

Excerpt above. Sigrid is played by the dancer Sigrid Marie Kittelsaa Vesaas. The film is shot in the suburban area Groruddalen outside central Oslo.

Stills from the film.

Excerpt above.

Cinematography by Zoë Schmederer.

Winner of the Golden Chair for best Norwegian short film at The 40th Norwegian Short Film Festival 2017.

Honorable mentions for editing and sound design by The Norwegian Film Workers Association at The 40th Norwegian Short Film Festival in 2017.

The film is kindly supported by Arts Council Norway.